Vintage Captain's Dining Silver Teapot

U.S. NAVY Silver-plate Teapot Made by R. Wallace ca. 1940

With Captain's Eagle Insignia on Side

Great vintage condition

R. Wallace 0775 122 Silver Soldered 2 Pint B

Authentic U.S. NAVY silver-plate teapot that was made by Wallace.

U.S. Navy collectible.

Marked with the Eagle, Arrows & Olive Branch Captain's insignia on the side, with " U.S.N. underneath. This piece has no date-mark, but pieces with a similar design have been dated to the WWII eras.

There are International Silver Co pieces with dates in the 1941-1945 range, and I believe the Wallace pieces were made earlier, hence my estimate of ca. 1940. Without a date-mark I can't be certain.


The Eagle insignia (logo) is engraved and is nicely detailed, showing the feathers on the spread wings and body, the eyes, the beak, and the talons (claws). The talons are holding arrows and an olive branch. This is authentic US Navy dining silver that was used at the Captain's table in the Ward Room, the

enlisted men ate in The Mess.


This teapot is wonderfully heavy, weighing 1 lb 4 oz. It measures about 7-3/4" handle-to-spout and 4" high. This 'hotel silver' piece is in very good condition, with lovely silvering inside and out, with very few nicks, scratches, edge/pedestal wear and a few blemishes.  The structure is in excellent condition. The

teapot sits flat on the table, and the spout, handle, hinge, finial and pedestal are firmly attached. The

crest is in very good, detailed condition. 

U.S. Navy Captain's Silverplate Teapot Crest 0775

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