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Wonderful crewel stitched in wool pillow from Wisteria.

Otomi print in Caramel.

Pillow is cotton, stitch work in wool.

Pre-owned in very good condition.

Feather inserts available!
The native Otomi people of Mexico were once under control of the Aztecs, and later the Spanish. Despite overbearing rulers, they managed to cultivate their own unique culture, art and traditions. Perhaps, what they are best known for are their vibrant, graphic textiles. The well-known print is eye-catching in itself, but also has an intriguing history. In 2011, Mexican archeologists discovered over 3,000 cave paintings in Guanajuato, Mexico, a former base of the Otomi people. The paintings, depicting rites of passage, healing, prayers for rain and mountain worship, were painted over 2,000 years ago. The lively prints and patterns developed by the Otomi reflect the images found in these ancient wall paintings. The design is a result of the respect and adoration the Otomi people held for wild life and nature.

Wisteria~Otomi Pillow Cover~Caramel~20" x 20"

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