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Welcome to my Home

I would love to invite you into my home today. Nestled in the beauty of southern Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, you would immediately notice my love for Spanish architecture and antique oak furniture. And for creating cozy living areas for cooking and dining, or enjoying conversation beside a warm fire in the winter. Places for simple rest and relaxation.

Stay for a day or two, and count on a cup of tea—served with homemade bread and jam—while seated at a breakfast table set with a fine linen tablecloth and vintage bone china. In the summer, you’ll smell a pretty and fragrant bouquet of freshly cut flowers sitting on my dining room table. Lazy summer afternoons will find us enjoying a tall glass of iced coffee on my red-tiled patio, surrounded by container gardens and hummingbirds. We’ll chat, or quietly read a good book. In the evening, I’ll light a candle, pour a glass of wine to sip, and prepare us a light supper.

All of these routines are my way of creating a personal lifestyle that brings me pleasure every single day. And I find the most joy in simple things. For me, a sense of well-being and comfort

in my home brings genuine pleasure. It makes ordinary, “everyday life” more meaningful and special.

Trending right now is the Danish philosophy of “hygge” (pronounced hue-gah), the art of creating intimacy—for yourself, your family and friends, your home. It suggests making an environment that exudes charm, coziness, contentment and comfort.

Making a House a Home

My mother didn’t know anything about this Danish word hygge, but she certainly knew how to create a warm and comfortable home to thrive in. Fresh flowers from our garden were in vases around the house much of the year. Our table was always set with china, candles, and linens for special days.

Our bedroom dressers were layered with lace runners, or hand-crocheted doilies. Simple things. But creating beauty was important to Mom. My three sisters and I were all inspired by her to make a house a home, wherever we lived- from our first own spaces in college dorm rooms to the lovely homes we all delight in living now. And we have all been blessed with children that continue the tradition of finding joy in a home filled with the unique and beautiful simple things of life.

I hope to share through words and pictures inspiration for you to make your home warm and inviting.

My next post will show how to use one of my favorites~ vintage linens!

Until then …

Hygge! ☺

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