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There’s no denying that vintage and antique wares for the home are loved by many generations. Whether you’re working with a full-on antique-infused aesthetic or you’re a contemporary minimalist looking to add a little timeless flavor to your look, so many people seem to be embracing vintage décor to one degree or another.

Count on Chickadee Vintage for elegant, pre-owned (and pre-loved), vintage-chic adornments for your home. Chickadee Vintage carries a wide variety of brand-name items in bedding and table linens, holiday décor, whatnots and serving ware.

There are so many reasons to start or add to a collection of vintage items. In just one example, table clothes that were made right after World War II were all brightly colored in an attempt to cheer folks up. They can do the same for people today.

If you’re looking for vintage linens, you could find some that are charmingly marked with initials and dates. That’s because they were hand-spun by young women who were starting their own hope chests. They would sew samplers with a Bible verse or the alphabet to showcase their work.

With kitchen samplers, young women would design “nesting” phrases such as “Home is where the heart is.” The stitching was proof of their skill and a point of pride. Collectors can appreciate how much time, effort and heart were put into making these items. It’s not just the better quality of the materials, it’s how much people valued them. Linens with the same superiority are hard to come by.

Vintage-lovers are also attracted to pieces that have been handed down for generations. They are much better constructed than today, they were made for longevity and there was a pride in workmanship not frequently found in today’s throwaway society.

Chickadee Vintage founder Kathy Gomez uses her passions for gardening, homemaking, vintage linens and entertaining guests as inspirations for offering the most beautiful, beloved and high-quality goods. Never miss an update on Chickadee Vintage merchandise by subscribing to their mailing list! Or, email Kathy at


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