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7 Simple Ways to Use Your Vintage Linens Today!

Are you in love with vintage linens like I am? I especially love and collect white antique and vintage linens and have been collecting for over 35 years. The craftsmanship and detail amazes me and I often imagine what history they might have. I have linens tucked in cupboards and baskets all over the house! I have way more than I can use, but I do use many of them in a variety of ways. Today I am sharing ways to use your linens that you can do at your home today!

I use my linens on the beds by mixing them with newer bedding. I am never one to have matching sheets, shams or cases. I think it is way more fun to mix and match! I always like to have two top sheets so a sheet with crochet trim can show when turned on a

print or solid sheet.

I found a beautiful old trunk in Iowa many years ago that I restored and now use at the end of the bed. I keep a stack of vintage bedding on top, including a couple of smaller blankets and throws that are perfect for napping. I love those white linens!

My family loves books and we have a lot of them. When the house was designed, it was important to have plenty of places to store our books and so each main room has at least one built in book shelf. I use smaller napkins or other cloths to line a shelf or two. It’s such an easy way to add softness and beauty. Many of these pieces might have holes or stains, but they are tucked underneath the books so one would never know!

In the guest bath I have a favorite pair of antique towels that actually have my initials! I have them hanging on top of thick terry towels to help show the details.

Vintage white tea towels wall decor

Another way I use some of the MANY linen tea towels I have is just by rolling them up and placing them on the lovely thrift store wall décor finds. One was meant for wine bottles, but I repurposed it for my needs.


Antique White Runner on Chair
Stack of Antique White linens on Lawyer's bookcase

I have collected some beautiful runners over the years,

and am always looking for ways to use them aside from on a table.

This one sits on the back of a dark leather chair, so it really shows the lovely crochet details.

And lastly, just stacking a small collection of beautiful linens on a shelf along with other vintage items is such eye candy to me!

So, today pull out some of the linens you inherited, you were given as a wedding gift or you picked up on a special trip and find a place in your home you can look at and enjoy every day.

Surrounding yourself with these special

My Antique White Linen board on Pinterest has almost 400 pins! Please take a look and follow me!

And if you are looking for a new piece or need a special gift, please visit my online shop Chickadee Vintage!

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