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Tips to get your garden bench ready for the holidays.

Do you have an outdoor space that is just waiting to be holiday dressed? I have a few tips to get you started!

I have a basic garden bench I have had for over 20 years. It sits on my front patio and often gets used during my afternoon coffee, all year around! The sun hits in just the right place when it is time to take an afternoon break.

As I am starting to get out my holiday décor, I decided to try a couple of different looks using items from my Chickadee Vintage shop.

For today’s look I started with one of my favorite vintage white hand crocheted cotton spread. It has a fun popcorn stitch and lots of wonderful fringe.

Next I added a pillow upcylcled from a vintage wool blanket. I love this button and fringe!

Then added a smart wool Pendelton blanket that has great shades of blue, green, cream and red- and a nice long fringe.

I am lucky that I can walk into my yard here in Colorado and find a variety of greens. Just a couple of branches make a look go from plain, to “I’m dressed for winter”!

Oh, how I love plaids. And again, a red plaid shouts “It’s the Holidays”!

What do you think?

So simple, but fun!

If you love plaids too, check out my Pinterest board "Plaids are Fun!"

So then, it is late afternoon……. Time for a hot cup of tea or coffee for me!

I have these wonderful mugs from Dunoon – more plaid even!!

I have picked up so many trays over the years, so I use them almost day in some way. Silver plate can be used with so many looks. You can dress it up, or use it for everyday. More on that in a future blog piece!

I hope you have found a little inspiration to make your

outdoor bench or chair get ready for the season!

And.........Just a few more wool blanket options you can find with many others at Chickadee Vintage!

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