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Downton Abbey would be proud!

It is a beautiful, snowy morning at my home this day. It is a holiday, and so I am spending it relaxing and doing one of my favorite things…….. enjoying my cup of tea and reading one of my favorite magazines, Victoria.

I have had a subscription to this magazine since the beginning. Every time it arrives, I wait until I have time to sit down and enjoy the whole issue. I prepare a favorite beverage…. my morning tea, afternoon coffee or a nice glass of wine.

I am always inspired by the beauty of the pictures as well as the lives of the women who are part of each issue.

In the January/February issue there is an article “Linens Fresh and Fragrant”. It is five lovely pages of new and vintage white linens……… which are my passion and make my heart flutter! I have been collecting white antique and vintage linens for over forty years.

Looking at these gorgeous pages have inspired me to share my love of white vintage linens with you! All my white vintage linens are on sale for the next week. I hope you are able to find something to add beauty to your own life or something to share with a loved one in your life.

Please let me know how I can help you find just the right piece of linen that speaks to you…or assist you in curating your own special linen collection.

Heart flutters are sweet!

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