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Getting gifts for the special people in your life can be quite a challenge. Many folks seem to already have what they need and/or want. That can put you in quite a quandary. But there is a way to surprise and delight them with items they will be thrilled to receive. And let's face it: You will be "competing" with all of the other gift-givers who also want to avoid something that's not similar to or a duplicate of anyone else's gift.

But do not despair, because Chickadee Vintage can quickly and easily come to your rescue! Chickadee Vintage has myriad presents that, chances are, friends and loved ones don't already have and no one else will be bestowing upon them.

Chickadee Vintage is chock-full of elegant, pre-owned (and pre-loved), vintage-chic adornments for the modern home. We carry a huge variety of brand-name items-bedding and table linens, holiday décor, whatnots, serving ware-from which to choose. Our items are perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, showers, weddings, special occasions or "just because." And everything is clean and ready to use!

Among our admired and popular brands are Ralph Lauren Home, Laura Ashley, Chaps and Williams Sonoma, Eddie Bauer Home and Restoration Hardware.

In addition to knowing that your recipients will love your gifts, you won't be spending an inordinate amount of money to buy them. Chickadee Vintage's merchandise is far below its original prices.

Here's a bonus: If you know someone who loves a style from a particular brand, wants more of it, but knows it's discontinued in the retail market, Chickadee Vintage just might carry it! Your recipient will be charmed and surprised!

Chickadee Vintage was founded by Kathy Gomez of Denver, Colorado. Kathy uses her passions for gardening, homemaking, collecting vintage linens and entertaining guests as inspirations for providing the most beautiful, beloved and high-quality goods.

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