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My favorite fall comfort foods

Autumn…the year's last loveliest, smile. John Howard Bryant

I love this time of year when I start to enjoy the seasonal foods that just seem to fit my mood and taste so good!

Mornings often mean homemade bread, toasted and spread with a favorite jam made from fall fruits such as peaches or chokecherries to enjoy along with my earl gray tea.

I usually make a pot of soup over the week-end that I will look forward to be my lunch throughout the week.

A perfect soup for this season comes from a favorite site, Smitten Kitchen. This black bean pumpkin soup is delicious!

So easy to make and oh so tasty! If I have carved a pumpkin and have the left over seeds, it is a perfect time to use them as a garnish for the soup!

And I start to make my favorite molasses cookies that I crave all the way through the holidays. Butter, molasses and cinnamon~ what could be tastier? These cookies can be made small or very large. They would make a perfect hostess gift!

If you make a batch, be careful, as they are addictive!

Recipe found here on Chickadee Vintage ~

I hope you also enjoy the foods that just say "fall"!

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