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Relax By Going Back in Time

Does the modern world seem a bit overwhelming these days? If your capacity for sensory input is overloaded with smartphones, emails, texts, the Internet, tech gadgets and too many choices of TV shows, you're not alone. Countless numbers of people feel that way too. So, if you need a reprieve from today's world, you can get it at home by objects that represent simpler times. It's easy to find current pieces in your local mall or online site, but shopping for vintage is an unparalleled treasure hunt. Turn to Chickadee Vintage for reminders of the days when the world wasn't a cacophony of stimuli. Chickadee Vintage overflows with elegant, pre-owned and pre-loved adornments for your home that will guide you into a relaxed and uncomplicated environment. Vintage pieces offer an escape, like watching an old movie. Vintage items sprinkled around or encompassing your home can create an atmosphere you will relish the moment you walk in the door. Details such as hand-stitched tea towels, embroidered linen napkins, tablecloths with drawn-thread hand-stitched detail, hammered-aluminum cake pedestals, hand-painted pitchers, round platters by the esteemed Pfaltzgraff company, and salt and pepper shakers from the venerable Anchor Hocking can easily add touches that will produce an environment that will enable you to decompress. The quality-which includes materials, embellishments and craftsmanship-of older pieces and vintage goods also makes them worthy investments. Chickadee Vintage also carry a wide variety of admired, brand-name items such as bedding, table linens, holiday décor and tableware. Try something different and see where it takes you! Chickadee Vintage founder Kathy Gomez uses her passions for gardening, homemaking, vintage linens and entertaining guests as inspirations for offering the most beautiful, beloved and high-quality goods. Never miss an update on Chickadee Vintage merchandise by subscribing to our mailing list! Or, email us at


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