Rosemary Granita, Ooh la la!

Aren't long weekends great? The summer has flown by, but now we get a few days to savor it before looking to fall.. I'm sharing a recipe that will put you in the mood to sit back and enjoy some of the last days of this season. I hope you have a garden or other space where you can relax and try out my latest favorite recipe, rosemary granita.

Granitas are so easy to make and you don't need any special tools or appliances. This recipe has two of my favorite herbs, rosemary and lavender. And you can make it with or without the sparkling wine......... though it is extra good with it!

This granita has just a few ingredients, all so fresh and tasty. Rosemary, lavender, lemon, and ginger. And when combined, you will love the result! I am lucky enough to have both herbs growing on my patio, maybe you do too!

To my late afternoon treat, I added some Colorado peaches, which are in season right now.... and SO delicious. Also included some of my favorite cookies, Lemon Lavender Poppy Seed. Recipe can be found here!​

This type of granita can be served in a variety of ways. Perfect at brunch, for a late afternoon break, as a palate cleanser during a multi-course meal, or as a dessert! Make sure to pull out some fun dishes for serving... maybe something you don't get to use often. Be creative! And garnish with any of the fresh ingredients used in the recipe or an edible flower from your garden. Beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend and make sure to remember to take delight in the simple pleasures of life~ like rosemary granita!

Rosemary Granita recipe:

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